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View Diary: NC Ground Game Helps 1st Time Senior Voter (64 comments)

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  •  While The Rethugs Have Dedicated Themselves To (3+ / 0-)
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    spooks51, chiefsjen, xomnow

    suppressing the vote in OH, PA, and FL, it would be sooo sweet to see Chuck Todd and the other GOTP apologists have to announce NC's 15 EVs have gone to President Obama!

    The smarmy talkers have been playing with various configurations of swing states, hingeing on OH's 18 EVs.  Then as IA, NV and OH slipped away (and w/OFA deploying attorneys to defend its votes - 2500 in OH alone), the talkers push the Romney camp's weak feints into PA (22 EVs) as if they were serious.  Meanwhile our media "stars" are refusing to report on the GOTP's  real soft underbelly which turns out to (hopefully) be VA (13EVs) and/or NC!

    That would be sweet!

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