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  •  Translation of the chant (13+ / 0-)

    For OllieGarkey and any others who don't speak any Arabic...

    The chant in the video from the 11:01PT update is

    "الشعب يريد اسقاط المرسوم"

    spoken as "Ash-sha'b yureed asqaat al-marsoom," and translates roughly to "The people want the fall of the system." مرسوم - marsoom - doesn't mean 'system' exactly (grammatically it means 'that which is drawn/prescribed/ordained'), but it derives from the same root as the word that means 'official' (رسمي - rasmee), and is commonly used to describe the system of laws and hierarchies that the government maintains.

    There's a related chant that's been used fairly frequently in the Arab Spring that goes "الشعب يريد اسقاط النظام" ("Ash-sha'b yureed asqaat an-nithaam") and more easily or obviously translates as "The people want the fall of the system," but they're pretty much equivalent.

    Just in case you were wondering!

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