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  •  Turkey's not exactly in the Middle East (1+ / 0-)
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    It's sort of on the periphery, even if it's technically part of the Middle East.  

    But more importantly than that they don't have oil.  That's what the whole Middle East is about for us.  If they didn't have oil, we just wouldn't give a damn about the countries there.  We wouldn't support any of the dictatorships or anything else, and we also wouldn't have such significant resentment aimed at us for that support.  

    •  huh? (1+ / 0-)
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      the seat of the former ottoman empire isn't in the middle east?

    •  It's more complicated than that. (0+ / 0-)

      Turkey has the largest military and largest population in the middle east, and thus can put a lot of pressure on the whole region. There's a good chance that they're going to be the biggest boy on the block, the largest economy, the most powerful military, and they do actually have some oil.

      A lot of oil, actually. Caspian and Mediterranean oil rigs, and there's a chance that the Trans-Caspian oil transport system that the Azeris and Kazakhs are planning will cut through Turkey. It's that or Georgia, and the Russians don't want that to happen.

      With the largest economy, largest industrial sector, and largest, most capable military in the region, they're a significant player.

      Before Netanyahu messed everything up, they were Israel's closet ally in the region, too, but his failures have caused some significant damage to Turkish/Israeli relations.

      An Fhirinn an aghaidh an t'Saoghail. (The truth against the world.) Is treasa tuath na tighearna. (The common people are mightier than the lords.)

      by OllieGarkey on Mon Nov 05, 2012 at 06:59:09 AM PST

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