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  •  The Difference Between Brokaw & Rather (3+ / 0-)

    MSNBC is this best place to observing the differences between the last two Silver Age anchor giants (Pete Jennings being the third and of course sadly departed). Brokaw seems to have settled into the "cranky old man" role, expecting the audience to trust his every pronouncement simply because of what he once was And, no offenses, I'm getting tired of his "Greatest Generation" routine. Sorry Tom, but every generation is its own "greatest generation" simply because the times they face are always different.

    Rather, on the other hand, took his dirty tricking removal from CBS in stride and just kept on doing what a reporter should be doing...reporting. If you watch him on his "Rachel Maddow" appearances, he is totally energized and in the moment. He's older than Brokaw, but acts likes he's thirty years. I swear Dan's going to die on air at 100, reporting whatever the natural or man-made disaster of the day is.

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