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View Diary: Politico senior editors: Only white men give president "mandates" (347 comments)

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  •  hope hope and pray (15+ / 0-)

    If you're right and I don't have to emigrate and can even look for better things in the future, I think I'll have to take a week off work to celebrate!  The totally cool thing would be for Paul Ryan to lose his house seat - I never even knew you could run for two offices at the same time.  Allen West and Joe Walsh will most likely be gone, if Michelle Bachmann joins them, hooray.
    If only we could get rid of Steve King ;)

    •  Agree completely (2+ / 0-)
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      TerryDarc, politicalceci

      I certainly have my fingers crossed that people like West, Walsh, Bachmann, King, and Cantor will all be looking for new jobs come January—probably making tons of money as lobbyists, but at least not wrecking the country to the best of their ability.

      I wonder if Ryan thinks his House seat is in jeopardy. Some people in his corner were speculating about what a great university professor he would be, or possibly great think tank thinker. Or well-paid lobbyist-type. They mentioned his brilliance using charts during his speeches.

      "Losing my House seat? That's really just what I was hoping for, because it is time for me to be a visiting professor...."

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