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    bigjacbigjacbigjac has turnout stats updated this morning with some adjusted numbers from Saturday. Total black vote now 751,344 up from 750,174 you posted !

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      It's little numbers like this that show an enthusiasm edge for the Democrats:

      The update since Sunday afternoon has 1170 additional voted from AA voters out of 4157 total votes. That's 28.15% of the update votes, or a little above the 27.43% so far in 2012.

      Since September 1st 238,183 new voters have registered in NC.
      D  106,489 or 44.71% of new registrations; D registration has moved from 43.11% to 43.17%
      R  52,507 or 22.04% of new registrations; R registration has fallen from 31.19% to 30.88%.
      I  75,671 or 31.77% of new registrations. I registration has moved from 25.45% ot 25.67%.

      If it is very close these numbers matter.

      If Obama wins in NC and there is a big undervote for Dalton I'll be bummed because (my view is that) local Dems work way harder for Obama than OFA works for local Dems.

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