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  •  the evangelicals want theocracy (1+ / 0-)
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    everybody wants to rule the world.... and corruption does luv to grow like a cancer behind the veil of 'religious' authority...... it is such a good cover/mask/con job persona;

    there is a 'lay minister' of an evangelical local church that works in grocery store checkout... he is gray haired guy way back when was once in the military.... he is so conditioned-brainwashed by his church he thinks his every instinct is 'righteous'; he is the most insensitive person I encounter in my day to day routines who has a cheerful word for everyone whether they want it or not .... even people who don't wish to get into conversation with him on check-out he works his smile and expects to get a response from busy people tending their kids, their to-do lists or their work cell phones;

    he is obnoxious he has no boundaries - he'd keep a cold kid trapped at a Romney rally in a New York minute with a 'righteous' smile on his puss if he thought it was good for the 'master';

    I had to tell this putz every time he saw me at store not to pat my shoulder ( I have painful bone-ligament condition) I had to tell him three separate times and finally had to go to a co-worker to ask him to stop glad-handing/ my shoulder every time I was in the store; he was surprised hurt and (the victim of course) that his happy-face-born again self was considered an insensitive boob who couldn't hear me say multiple times don't pat my shoulder it was unwanted;

    on the other hand I have known a few too many 'professional' ministers who were financially corrupt to the core; they get away with it because they appear to be so well intentioned and  harmless;

    don't get me started on religious people!

    You may not agree with every decision I've made but you know where I stand you know that I tell the truth ~ President Obama

    by anyname on Mon Nov 05, 2012 at 03:11:56 AM PST

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