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  •  Big deal! Huge deal! Rec this up! (4+ / 0-)

    I couldn't agree more with this diary. That's exactly right.

    It could be devastating if California doesn't PASS Prop 30, which has still a shot of passing, but which needs mass GOTV to make that happen.

    If it doesn't pass, it spells irreparable doom and gloom.

    I am not a doom and gloom sort of person, so the fact that I am saying this should clue you in to just how seriously and profoundly important this one Proposition is; it is the most important Proposition in terms of scope that I recall due to the material consequences it could have if it doesn't pass.

    Meaning that if Prop 30 doesn't pass, you will see a severe backslide in education for K-College, with mass job loss to boot. We will, at the lower school level, see schools with less days than any other state, as well as closures and increased class sizes and reduced offerings, plus teacher shortages which will lead to less qualified teachers teaching subjects which are given lower prioritization. At the College level, Community Colleges will be seriously affected, with whole programs cut, as well as the prospect of more qualified teachers reduced, not to mention increased tuition fees and increased class sizes, lower registration possibilities, and general class closures and tuition hikes. At the Public University (CSU and UC) level, it will be apocalyptic. You will see highly increased competition to gain entry into these Universities based on GPA and performance, thus further reducing diversity measures (including socioeconomic ones). You will also see tuitions potentially doubling, fast, and dramatically increased housing costs and other fees, plus lower course offerings, some Departments cut, electives lowered, giant class sizes, and an increased reliance on Graduate Student and Tenured teaching, esp. at the CSU's. This seems counterintuitive but is based on how the CFA works. So many classes ordinarily handled by strong, long-term adjunct faculty will be turned over to brand new first-year teachers OR really disgruntled long-term faculty. No good. At the UC's, they have a different sort of union, many with no union, so you will see possible tenure-track faculty cuts with an increased shift to Grad Students and adjuncts with likely larger class sizes (they already skew big).

    I know a lot of this from what I've heard firsthand. It may seem a bit jumbled, but I can't state strongly enough how BAD this scenario is. Oh, and there is NO backup plan. Prop 38 doesn't help and could even actively could harm Community Colleges. We will be set back for up to decades.

    In turn, California employers will have a smaller qualified labor pool in just a few years, and they will more easily be able to exploit low wages and demand an even more competitive resume than right now -- one which may only skew toward the wealthier and more advantaged Californians, even more than it already does.

    In short, it will screw us badly.


    Vote YES on Prop. 30, California!!!! Yes on 30, No on 32 & 38. For the future of education.

    by mahakali overdrive on Sun Nov 04, 2012 at 07:54:29 PM PST

    •  that scenario sounds a lot like the present (1+ / 0-)
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      mahakali overdrive

      only cranked up to 11. we need to get 30 over the finish line, so that we have a toehold to reversing the past decade (decades, really) of austerity, cuts, tuition hikes and shortfalls.

      california can't afford to keep shortchanging education. we've got an incredible young generation of students, and they're not getting the education they need and deserve, and that threatens all of our futures, not just theirs.

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