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  •  Glad you're not giving up (1+ / 0-)
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    on Heidi Heitkamp, even though many others are bearish.  Another predictor felt that the race had "turned against her" (because she's down 2 in the most recent Mason-Dixon?  Given the source, that's a pretty good place for a Dem to be), but she's appeared to have a lot of momentum, and I highly doubt the Big Dog would have made a trip to Fargo and delivered a barnburner nearly as long as his DNC speech for her if she didn't have a reasonable shot at winning.  So...long story short, I agree with your prediction on that one. ;-)

    I also agree that MT and NV will be CLOSE (probably even closer than ND, regardless of how it turns out).  I'm not getting my hopes up on either, but I'm glad that Tester has been leading in some recent polls that also gave reasonable MOVs to Romney.  And as for NV, Heller and Berkley might just turn out to be the Coleman and Franken of the 2012 cycle.

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