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View Diary: In private conference call, Ryan tells evangelicals that Obama threatens 'Judeo-Christian values' (132 comments)

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  •  What the hell's the difference between (1+ / 0-)
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    Judeo-Christian values and Islamic values?  They are all the same religion worshiping the same god believing the same books.   There's not a dime worth of difference among them.  To be polite you could say they are equally good.   But to be truthful you should say they are equally bad.  If anything America should suppress Judeo-Christian-Muslem values that thinks a mythic extraterrestrial is the center of morals and instead strive to encourage secular humanistic values that put people at the center or the moral universe.

    •  You're thinking like a christian fundamentalist (0+ / 0-)

      here --  the idea that the only important thing about a religion is what (some of*) its sacred texts say is pretty much what fundamentalism is.  Though I will grant, the idea that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are all essentially the same is more mainstream christian/'secular' thinking than it is fundie. The lens through which you're seeing things, though, is still Christian.

      *the 'sacred texts' in question somehow are always the ones that christianity considers significant. Somehow, Talmud/Mishnah and the Koran (not to mention the centuries of legal & moral reflection on these) are mysteriously always ignored...

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