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View Diary: In private conference call, Ryan tells evangelicals that Obama threatens 'Judeo-Christian values' (132 comments)

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  •  Republicans are (2+ / 0-)
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    tonyahky, karma13612

    anti government
    anti union
    anti women
    anti poor
    anti spending
    anti immigrant
    anti insurance mandate
    anti NPR
    anti Pell grants
    anti voter rights
    anti financial disclosure
    anti FEMA
    anti gay
    anti science
    anti regulation except vaginas
    anti Dream Act
    anti Medicare
    anti deficit spending
    anti bailout
    anti welfare
    anti community organizing
    anti consumer rights
    anti healthy food programs
    anti Amtrak
    anti Wall St reform
    anti Muslim
    anti higher education
    anti Headstart
    anti abortion
    anti tax of any kind
    anti main stream media
    anti US auto industry
    anti minority
    anti collective bargaining
    anti Net neutrality
    anti civil rights
    anti clean energy
    anti 99%
    anti climate change
    anti non Christians
    anti Planned Parenthood
    anti blacks
    anti Affirmative Action
    anti debt ceiling
    anti weatherization
    anti payroll tax cut
    anti EPA
    anti national healthcare
    anti disaster relief
    anti minimum wage
    anti NEA
    anti gun control
    anti Social Security
    anti MSNBC
    anti Occupy
    anti public education
    anti US Post Office
    anti high speed rail
    anti evolution
    anti NOW
    anti child labor laws
    anti HUD
    anti jobs bill
    anti Latinos
    anti single payer
    anti Medicaid
    anti contraception
    anti stimulus
    anti marriage equality
    anti public broadcasting
    anti Title X
    anti cap and trade
    and of course….
    anti Obama

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