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View Diary: Tuesday, I cast my first Democratic ballot ever (169 comments)

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    My first was in 2008. But the seeds were planted as I watched the neocons distort the "pure" conservatism espoused by Reagan who I cast my first vote for, and honestly still greatly admire.

    A big turning point for me was also health care. But not Obamacare- Hillarycare. Even though I didn't vote for Bill I was very disappointed health care reform was defeated then. I realized that my party was not serving the interests of its people, or even serving reasonable interests at all.

    I also came to realize that the fiscal arguments I'd learned to parrot with perfection were simply lies. Its not that cutting taxes doesn't fuel economic growth. It does- when those cuts are paid for with borrowing. Its called stimulus. I love watching conservatives howl when I tell them that, but its the definition of Keyneysian stimulus. The neocons figured out that stimulus made everyone feel America was exceptional and Republicans were fiscal geniuses. The problem is they only ever embraced the stimuls side of keyneysian policies.

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