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    Calamity Jean, kurt

    Obviously this doesn't apply to all Christians, but those on the religious right who are so intent on forcing their old testament theology on the rest of us could really use a good dose of the gospel. I no longer consider myself a christian, mostly because I couldn't reconcile the incongruity between Jesus and his followers. Also I started educating myself in science and philosophy and I'm just not convinced there is, by necessity or otherwise, a personally involved creator in this universe. But that's a tangent.

    The question is really what to do about it. The church does good things in communities across the country, so long as they are working locally and taking care of their own. It is when they try to influence politics or step outside the community of believes that we run into trouble. I have tried over and over to convince my christian friends that they cannot legislate their morality, that they cannot force their belief system on people who do not already share it. I tell them that if they want people to adopt their belief structure, they need to follow Jesus' lead and greet the non-christian world with mercy and kindness, understanding and service. So far they point seems to be lost on them.

    "Ruin comes when the trader, whose heart is lifted up by wealth, becomes ruler" - Plato, Republic

    by sixeight120bpm on Mon Nov 05, 2012 at 07:04:09 PM PST

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