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  •  For a while I was afraid my FB page would be taken (3+ / 0-)
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    over by the Republicans in my family.  For many years, I had felt the black sheep of the family, but I think, just as politics were not spoken of, it was overlooked.

    Then as soon as I joined Facebook, it seemed like there might be a wingnut takeover of relatives.   To be sure that I didn't end up with wingnut posts, the only thing I initially declared on FB was my political affiliation: Democrat.  And then I realized, I could say what I wanted on my FB page, and if they didn't like it, my distant relatives didn't have to 'friend' me or look at my wall.  And in fact it has been freeing, being able to be as political as I want.  

    My mother, bless her heart, is an Ayn Rand liking anti-feminist, who nonetheless was a woman who succeeded in computer programming before it was taught in schools.  She encouraged me to read, not only Rand, and I remember listening to NPR during the Nixon years when she drove us to school.  At one point she told me she always voted for the smarter one, which I believe was her justification for voting for Nixon's reelection.  Then when we next had the Bush/Gore conversation (or was it Bush/Kerry?) she switched her algorithm to "the cuter one."  Oh Mom, I couldn't convince you.  I dare not bring it up in conversation, but I have no qualms about putting what I want on my FaceBook wall.  My mom will not unfriend me.

    I think I was always just more bleeding-heart liberal than my entire family.  So I  wish I could discern from you converts how I might possibly give a ray of light to the minds of my (to a one, Republican) relatives in Ohio (!) Florida and Tennessee.

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