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  •  John, I have gone through something similar. It (2+ / 0-)
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    didn't hit me in a flash like you. It hit me slowly, but like you it was one set of Republican rules at a time. It happened to me as I moved away from my lily white world into a more diverse world. I have always been taught to quickly judge others based on criteria that people had handed me. My failing when it came to being conservative was that I was genuinely curious about people and wanted to really know their point of view. I found that for every conservative Republican axiom about life, morals and what was acceptable there was a person put into my life that made me see another side to the story. I finally discovered that I really couldn't judge anyone, period. I couldn't walk a mile in their shoes. Life is simply different for everyone. As I became accepting of these individuals and their plight the Republican "values" that I thought I held seemed as you put it, "bullshit." Oddly enough as I moved away from that self righteous non-sense I found the actual words of my faith. I had changed dramatically and understood that being liberal was more in keeping with my true values. I am much more at home and at peace with myself. I am also much more aware of the BS coming from the now other side. One Black Panther at a polling booth in Philly and that is voter suppression, but people standing in line for 6 to 8 hours all over Florida is not. Really? Welcome to the light side.

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    by joelado on Tue Nov 06, 2012 at 01:02:42 PM PST

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