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View Diary: Daily Kos Elections Polling Wrap: Down to 'the only poll that counts' (294 comments)

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    Have either an inability or an unwillingness to acknowledge that a close race and a race in which one candidate is a heavy favorite are not mutually exclusive. This is absolutely a close race, but its not a toss-up and its not anywhere near being a toss-up. Romney hasn't led a Nevada poll since April. Ohio, the most heavily polled state has had a whopping 41 polls since October 1st. Romney has led in 4 of them, tied in 6 of them and trailed in 31. In Wisconsin Romney hasn't led in a poll since mid-August, polls that were in the field literally days after the Paul Ryan selection. He hasn't led a poll by more than one since July.

    That's not even getting into all of the other states and the fact that the few positive polls for Romney in those states were primarily by poor pollsters.

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