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View Diary: Dumb ass pundits still don't understand independents (27 comments)

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  •  D/R/Independent labels are almost meaningless... (0+ / 0-)

    ...because they're defined by the respondent.  Like the poster says, many "independents" are Republicans -- they're either embarassed by the Bush years or Tea Partiers who fantasize about being mavericks.

    When I get polled, and am asked my political orientation, I struggle for a moment.  I've voted straight Democratic in all statewide and national races, with one exception, my entire life.  But I want to reserve the right to vote for local races without considering party, and I don't see it as right to call myself a "Democrat" unless it's my intention to fill in the circle for all candidates with a "D" from president to township trustee.  So I say "independent".

    But that's just my personal philosophy.  Others might face the same situation and say "No, I'm a Democrat".  So what point is there in a label if every person gets to decide arbitrarily whether or not the label applies?


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