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View Diary: Open thread for night owls: Talking politics with white Southern men (286 comments)

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    See my comment elsewhere in this thread, from a North Bay Jew who works at a University teaching *gasp... Literature, Composition, and working with non-English speaking students.

    For me, I see part of the problem as our unwillingness to speak to Southerners and try to understand them; they're more nuanced than I'd have believed.

    My grandmother's a great example, as a fundamentalist, evangelical Christian, she did vote for Obama in the last election (she's sitting this one out, which is better than her voting for Romney). First Democratic vote she'd cast in her life. And why? Why did she vote for Obama over McCain? Because she thought he was smarter than McCain, who struck her as a cranky old man (she's not racist -- not all those from outside of the metro areas of the U.S. are racist, IMHO... they're just raised with it... she sometimes uses racist jargon, but has offered free board to down and out African-American mothers at her home through her church). She doesn't like people who she doesn't trust. Romney stymied her here. She's both socially and economically conservative, but on the social side, she isn't racist or homophobic, so that may change things a bit.

    I'm glad that I had some awkward conversations with her during the last election because she listens to Fox News all day long and didn't realize that they lied. I was able to show her how. She still is a Republican, but she watches other channels too now and thinks FOX sucks and is filled with spin meant to prey on people like her (which is it).

    Vote YES on Prop. 30, California!!!! Yes on 30, No on 32 & 38. For the future of education.

    by mahakali overdrive on Mon Nov 05, 2012 at 10:51:33 PM PST

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