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View Diary: NO MORE SECRET OFFSHORE ACCTS <> FATCA <> One Big Reason Why Mitt Hopes He Wins (6 comments)

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    This whole paragraph is powerful stuff:

    How will this bill be paid for?

    A series of measures aimed at reducing offshore tax noncompliance by strengthening the Internal Revenue Service’s ability to fight offshore tax abuse are expected to raise $8.7 billion over 10 years. That’s roughly half of the $17.6 billion anticipated price tag.

    . . .

    Perfect that they will just keep extending the timelines on perpetrators!

    The amount of detailed, deeply informed work going into these regulations and legislation must be phenomenal.

    Without it mass quantities of this country's wealth slides under the door and is never seen again, our society stagnates and sickens, and those running the con wear the most expensive suits of invisibility bespoke tailors can create.

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