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    I've been pretty quiet on FB for awhile in regards to politics, mostly because I've been too busy with other things. But for the past couple of weeks I've been hitting it pretty hard.

    The Dem/Republican ratio on my friends list is something like 6/129. Yes, I live in Republican-heavy TN. I have been a Democrat all of my 46 years. Most of my FB friends have been pretty quiet over the past few weeks but a few have amped up the number of posts. Like you, most of my R friends are uninformed and un-interested in getting informed. When they do post stuff, I usually respond. However, when I post stuff in support of Democrats and the president, they rarely respond.

    I had one friend who I had to kick off my friends list. He was a birther who kept posting articles from WND. I pointed out the errors in Dr. Corsi's investigation in one article, and my friend never bothered to check what I was pointing out as errors. He insisted that his evidence was "solid." I mean, jeez, when stuff that is presented as proof of forgery shows up on someone else's B/C that the good doctor used as comparison to show Obama's was fake, your level of credibility kind of gets shot to hell. But not in my friend's eyes. Oh no.

    And then there was the time he insisted that the Constitution was based on Bible passages. He was extremely religious. I asked him to prove it was Bible based, and specifically asked for HIS opinion. So what does he do? He goes and cuts-and-pastes someone else's proof. It was too easy to spot.

    So our battles went back and forth for a year or so. But the final straw came when President Obama awarded Tennessee VOLS coach Pat Summitt with the Medal of Freedom and my friend, who was born and raised in TN and still lives here, criticized it. I posted a picture on FB of Obama placing the award around her neck and commented on how proud I was of her and how she so deserved it. So my friend had to be a smart ass and ask what her being a coach has to do with freedom. He says that Obama didn't understand the criteria for selecting recipients. I pointed out the criteria for selecting recipients by linking him to the actual text. Yes, he said, but still it has nothing to do with freedom. She's "just a coach."

    So I pointed out to him that President Kennedy amended the criteria. Still no effect on his opinion. I then say, well, if President Obama got it wrong, then so did all 9 other Presidents who also awarded it during their respective administrations over the past 50 years. And he agreed with me! I pointed out that hundreds of people have received the award, including people with different careers and contributions to society. Still didn't change his mind.

    I was not giving up. I finally pointed out that the very first person to receive the award, given by Kennedy after he amended it, was a painter. He finally apologized and admitted he was wrong. Took 3 days for that to happen. But it did not last long. The next day he smarted off again and said that Obama probably awarded Pat the award only to get the southern vote. And he also said it figures it would take a Democrat (Kennedy) to screw up the criteria and how "funny" that was to him when he thought about it.

    Oh, I forgot to mention that after the first day of all this happening, I plainly told him that he was such a dick for acting the way he did. He got offended, and said I should apologize. I refused, saying again that he was a dick because that's the way he was acting. He insisted that I apologize to him on FB. I refused. So I thought long and hard about dropping him from my friends list, an act I do not take lightly. But I had had enough of his crap. In the end, I went through with it and so far have not regretted it.

    As for other friends, and friends of friends, when they bitch about Obama I ask them for specifics. And 99.9% of the time they cannot respond. Just last night a friend admitted that he was "out of the loop" as he really didn't understand what the big deal was with Florida's long lines at early voting. At least he was honest about it.

    I'm getting ready to post a link to actress Tracy Nelson's video of the problems she has had getting insurance after dealing with cancer for many years. Have you seen it? You really need to watch it. It's in one of the diaries posted today. Couldn't watch all of it at work today because the video froze up on my phone, but what I saw was heart-breaking. I'm going to post it and ask my friends how they can support a man for president who will do everything in his power to ensure that Tracy and people like her will continue to suffer.

    Sorry this is so long. Have a good evening, folks.

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