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    It looks like MrBillOfRights violated the rule about not saying anything bad about Obama and the Democrats either before the election or on election day.

    Would this diary get HR tomorrow if the election were settled and Obama won?  Below are some statements about his most recent book.

    I am asking seriously.

    Because in my view, he is asking what is needed to be worked on tomorrow.

    Chris Hedges is a Pullitzer prize winning journalist. His book "War Is A Force That Gives Life Meaning" was called by Paul Krugman the best book on war that he had ever read and Krugman wrote a column about the book. Militarism of our country and the world is an issue that will have to be confronted because we can't go on spending trillions on wars.

    Chris Hedges was a war correspondent for 20 years. He covered the world from 50 countries risking his life so people back in the US could get the news. He was the head of the NY Times Mid East bureau among other assignments.

    He was the first NY Times journalist at the scene on 9/11 but a couple of years later was fired from the NY Times for giving a commencement speech before the invasion of Iraq. He pointed out that Bush's invasion violated international law and there were probably no WMD there.

    His latest book is a powerful statement of what the US has become. "Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt" with the graphic artists Joe Sacco.

    Here are some quotes from the site about "Days of Destruction".

    Bill Moyers

    “The journalist Chris Hedges is a unique force today, because of his fierce independence and candor.  He’s been writing about how politics is a charade aimed at making voters think the personal narrative of the candidate is the story although it never affects the operation of the corporate state.  No matter which candidate wins, the money power in Washington reigns.  That nails it, don’t you think?

    Boston Globe

    “Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt (Nation) is as moving a portrait of poverty and as compelling a call to action as Michael Harrington's ‘The Other America,’ published in 1962.”
    Financial Times
    “[A] growling indictment of corporate America.”
    Seattle Times
    “The book is a primer for every American who is overwhelmed by the uncertainty of the stock market, who wonders where America's muscle went, and how much heavy lifting our kids will face.”

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