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View Diary: My wife (Mrs. Cthulhu) not-so-subtly harassed while voting (170 comments)

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    I too am a female voter in TX (Houston, TX), and I was asked for my photo ID, even though it is not the law. You're right, they're doing this to women. Although I thought maybe there was some racial component to it since I'm east Indian (but they probably thought I was hispanic--I doubt they knew). So they probably assumed I was a Democrat/Obama voter (i.e. "Let's give her a hard time!").
    I also live in a very affluent, predominantly Republican area. I was very taken aback by their demeanor and attitude towards me when I went to early vote. It was rather odd to say the least, but I had my license with me and wanted to just get it over with, so I handed it to them. But this is how  they are operating these days in TX in seems. I definitely feel it's a form of voter intimidation and needs to be investigated. If this is how Republicans behave, are they surprised that the majority runs in the opposite direction and votes for Obama? They are a party of law-braking, vote-stealing, win-at-any-cost bullies and ought to be ashamed of themselves.

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      Is your party affiliation stated on the registration card? I'm thinking that Texans don't take kindly to women who are also democrats. That would be two strikes against them in idiotland.

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        khughes1963, Donkey Hotey

        no primary votes

        •  Well...maybe. The stamps used for primary (0+ / 0-)

          elections sometimes have party affiliation: "Dem Primary, XX-XX-XXXX (date)", and sometimes just "Voted (date)".  Depends on the precinct (at least within Dallas County), or whether you vote early or at your own precinct on election day.  I've seen both, and had both on my card.

          As an Alternate Election Judge, it's how I sometimes satisfied my curiousity about someone's party affiliation when checking them in.

          But no, the registration and voter ID cards in Texas have no party shown.

          I'm part of the "bedwetting bunch of website Democrat base people (DKos)." - Rush Limbaugh, 10/16/2012 Torture is Wrong! We live near W so you don't have to. Send love.

          by tom 47 on Wed Nov 07, 2012 at 07:39:48 AM PST

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