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  •  OK, here's the drone thing. (3+ / 0-)
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    Let's assume you are an American citizen who travels abroad.    

    While abroad, you make the statement that you think "The United States should not continue to help the Swedes, because of their historical treatment of the Norweigans."

    The President of the United States decides, based on secret evidence, that you are now a terrorist and declares you as such.   A committee finds out thatg you will be visiting your relatives in Oslo, and dispatches a drone strike which kills you and your cousins while eating cod at a fish fry.   Twenty other people are also killed.

    When asked for comment, the United States says that it regrets the loss of life but that it had nothing to do with the drone strike.   And, of course, everything is protected by national security, so no one can talk about it, anyway.

    Your son, who is 16, travels to Norway to pick up your body and bury it.   At the funeral, a second drone strike comes in, and executes your son, who is also an American Citizen.  File a lawsuit?   Nope:   this is a national security issue, and your son was a terrorist.  

    So, yes, I have problems with the legality of drone strikes as used against american citizens.   As for the use on non-citizens, I believe that outside of a war zone, the use of drone strikes consitutes a form of state-sanctioned terrorism.

    To address your idea of their use in Afghanistan, sorry, that's not a problem for me.   The legality of use in a war zone is beyond dispute for me.   The legality of use outside a war zone is another matter.   It is, essentially, the same as launching an air strike in another sovereign nation -- a violation of international norms.   If you doubt it, then ask yourself if you'd be Ok with a legal system where China decides to use a drone strike to kill pro-Tibetan demonstrators at UCLA.  

    •  Appreciate Your Thoughtful Response, Cthulhu.... (0+ / 0-)

      My theory & my belief is that if we are engaged in war like activity, as ugly & as harmful as it is, do it precisely.  Get in.  Get out & go home.  

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