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View Diary: Dying to know: Is Nate going to announce his final prediction? (12 comments)

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  •  Tiny but across-the-board degradation 10am ET (0+ / 0-)

    All the states I'm following, including the phony Republican expand-the-map states showed decline from late Monday to 10 am this morning. Probably just some rounding tweaking, since some of these states didn't even have late polls.

    COL -0.2
    IOW -0.1
    NV -0.2
    NH -0.2
    OH -0.2
    VG -0.2
    WI -0.1
    NC -0.2
    FL -0.3
    PA -0.2
    MI -0.2
    NM -0.1
    OR -0.2
    MIN -0.2

    Just in case, everybody make one more phone call. Try to find one more acquaintance to take to the polls.

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