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View Diary: Mitt Romney maintains self-imposed gag order until the bitter end (103 comments)

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  •  from WaPo -- Romney praises Obama??? (0+ / 0-)

    Just saw this on WaPo:

    We “don’t need to be disparaging of the other guy,” the candidate said. “The president has run a strong campaign, I believe he is a good man and wish him well, and his family well. He is a good father and has been a good example of a good father, but it is time for a new direction. It is a time for a better tomorrow.”

    That might be a bit of a tell...  I don't recall Romney being this magnanimous towards the President recently (except perhaps for the Al Smith Dinner).  And while I wouldn't expect him to (publicly) fire up the base by trashing the President, but his comments are strikingly similar to what we'd expect to hear in a concession speech.  Maybe Mitt knows something.

    I guess we'll know in a few hours.    I remain "cautiously optimistic"...

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