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  •  Went to the polls in Fairfax (Penderbrook) (4+ / 0-)

    I waited about an hour to vote - but the line was slowly getting shorter.  I thought the volunteers at the two card tables set up out front were a microcosm of the vote - the Romney table with uniformly white, country club types  and the Obama table staffed by a much more diverse group - an older white haired man, a young black women, an asian woman.  

    I was offered the choice of a paper ballot or electronic.  All in all a fairly easy time of it.  With nothing to go on other than a feeling - I would say that my precinct will go Obama.  On the other hand my daughter voted in another Fairfax precinct (her father's address) that was mostly red.  She called me outraged that so many women had the republican sample ballot in their hands!  I told her she lives in a liberal bubble and she just doesn't realize how deeply red a lot of the suburban communities are.  

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