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  •  Supreme court to rule on voting rights law (13+ / 0-)

    Scotus blog - Posted Fri, November 9th, 2012 3:11 pm

    The Court said it would hear claims that Congress went beyond its authority when it extended for another twenty-five years the nation’s most important civil rights law, the Voting Rights Act, originally passed in 1965 and renewed four times since then.
    Specially at issue is the constitutionality of the law’s Section 5, the most important provision, under which nine states and parts of seven others with a past history of racial bias in voting must get official clearance in Washington before they may put into effect any change in election laws or procedures, no matter how small - emphasis added
    The Court accepted the voting rights case from Shelby County, Alabama one of those nine+ states that has a long history of voter suppression of minorities an opinion written by Chief Justice Roberts, was sharply critical of Congress for having failed to make coverage depend upon more recent experience in voting patterns, especially in the covered states. The opinion said that the law imposed special burdens on the covered states and local governments, and that those burdens had to be justified by current needs, not by out-of-date history.
    So Roberts is sharply critical of congress for not using the most recent evidence, evidence we have in abundance  TODAY,  that certain states, many of them southern, are continuing the purging of Americans of their right to vote. Huh? or WTF?

    Looks like the states rights war is on now that the elections were a rout. I wonder if that’s where all the energy coming from the GOP will be aimed – at consolidating their hold of the US House, state legislatures and judiciaries on down to the local municipalities to make their stand. Thet cetainly wasted no time after the US census to gerrymander it that way

     Roberts and his right-wing cohorts in the court will be right there with the GOP imo

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