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View Diary: Open thread for night owls: War Powers Act needs editing (135 comments)

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    The big thing to remember abou the War Powers Act which needs to be changed is time. 90 days may not sound like a lot but today, 90 days means we can drop a LOT of troop into an area which wasn't possible when the act was first written.

    There is a tendency to want to use troops if you deploy them because of A) the cost and B) not wanting to look like you deployed them for nothing. Plus its a bit of the old "the trains have already left..." excuse from WW I. It is harder to accept diplomacy if you have a Marine MAF along with a Army Light division and the Airborne camped out on your border with two carrier battle groups parked off-shore. This sort of force ENABLES war-fighting.

    Previously the War Powers Act allowed enough time to get things in position but not with the amount of capability we have today. The President today, under the WPA, can deploy enough firepower most countries cannot match no matter how much time they have. This shouldn't be allowed on one person's say so. There is a reason our Founding Fathers gave the ultimate go/no-go to Congress.

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