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  •  Long Island Utility Co lying about customers (0+ / 0-)

    without power.

    From: Bob Hardt, Political Blogger at NY1, Tuesday 11/6/12, 7 a.m.

    NY1 is NYC’s local public television.

    As good a job as the governor, the city, and the MTA have done in trying to communicate what's going on, I can't say the same for the Long Island Power Authority -- a utility that had the gall or the stupidity to tell our office that just 69 customers were without power yesterday on Rockaway.

    LIPA doesn't count people whose homes are damaged and can't receive electricity as somehow being "without power."

    While their reasoning might make sense in a boardroom somewhere, it does nothing to explain how much in the dark Rockaway really is. (The answer right now is almost everyone. That's roughly the entire population of Hartford, Connecticut.)

    Here's a bureaucratic nugget from LIPA's website: "From the over one million LIPA customers who lost power due to the super storm that affected eight million electric customers along the east coast, 219,000 customers remain without power, excluding those customers in the most severely flooded areas that may currently be unable to receive power."

    That means the blackout number is really a moving target.

    Is my home truly "unable to receive power"? Our power lines are all still up and my fuse box is still there so who knows? I realize that the cleanup and recovery from this storm is a unprecedented challenge but papering over the numbers is dishonest and unhelpful. Maybe the Sikhs and Occupy Wall Street should be put in charge of our electricity when this is all said and done.

    [I added emphasis and paragraph breaks]

    Governor Cuomo has talked tough about holding the power companies accountable.  Let's not let companies like LIPA get away with fudging the numbers on their performance.

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