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View Diary: Daily Kos Elections 2012 downballot liveblog thread #13 (177 comments)

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    Same thing happened here in Michigan.  The "vote no on everything" crowd had a really easy case given the 5 proposals and 1 referendum.  All failed.  Unfortunately, that also killed the three proposals that were Dem/liberal proposals.  

    The only silver lining was the collective bargaining initiative failed by the second least among the six.  The one that got the biggest smackdown was the 2/3 majority for tax increase proposals, which everyone thought would pass easily when it first got on the ballot.  It was the most draconian.  I believe it crashed and burned with 68 against, 32 for.  This proposal and the proposal that would have made all new Michigan bridge and tunnel construction win voter approal were funded by a cartoonishly evil local billionaire who spent millions and lost.

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