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    I'm sick and tired of the Tea Party and their cheerleaders thinking they can intimidate and push Black people around concerning the right to vote. Also, the vast number of Black people WORK FOR A LIVING. Yet, the far Right wants to paint us as welfare grubbing simpletons looking for a cheap "Obama Phone"as a gift and a means to cast a ballot. David Duke spewed from his lips when he was running for Governor that it took fried chicken to get Blacks to the polls and look what happened to him.

    This years' election look more like a Civil Rights demonstration than a General Election with people marching to the polls instead of the streets. The GOP with their Tea Party wing resembled the Klan trying to intimidate voters on the way to the polls and through state measures.Black folks got angry, put aside what differences they had with Obama, and came out in droves. Credit Al Sharpton, John Lewis, and others for keeping the GOP/Tea Party attempt to "Block the Vote" a front burner issue boiling hot. The results was four more years for Obama.

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