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View Diary: Congratulations to Former and Future Congressman Alan Grayson Who Wins Re-election in Florida (95 comments)

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  •  Mr. Grayson I congratulated, donated (2+ / 0-)
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    means are the ends, kurt

    But you of all people know how $ is changing things (luckily the internet changed it more for now).

    Please stay vocal. Keep your eye on Internet access tricks.

    Pleas Please do not forget Citizens United is still there.

    Look at my state. They spent 30 million and almost elected a guy I only know is a marine and hired his fraternity buddies to run the treasury.

    That's their blueprint. Rove picks, rove gets the money, if 30 mill didn't work would 60?

    Let's not as I diaried make this a Phyrric Victory. Let's get working today. How? I don't know. I hope you do, and if you don't I know you'll at least be on the right side .

    Thanks for not going quietly. Keep fighting, as when you do for your constituents you do for my 70 y/o dad in Cleveland who is a Veteran who you may be the only Congressman he knew, when I reminded him of your speeched (other than Kucinich, and a handfull of annoying R's, famous Ds).

    In other words yes you have a duty to your Constituents, but we have and had yours, I look forward to you continuing to, as in looking out the way you do, you look out for us all.

    Thanks. Please don't change.

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