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  •  But this time around, Rove fooled all those rubes (11+ / 0-)

    into thinking that if they gave him millions of dollars he would deliver the election for them on a silver platter.

    He was supposed to be the savior of the GOP, the grand master of dirty tricks, the guy with The Math, and the pitch was that all those credulous old guys needed to do make the magic happen was to give him money.

    And he blew it.

    Sure, he'll be back, just like cockroaches in a cheap apartment, he's got some serious explaining to do to his "investors." You don't fuck people like that over more than once.

    Karl's sweating because he messed up the blow-off on this particular con.

    •  And if Romney had won at least (3+ / 0-)

      a couple of the swing states, Rove could say he didn't have enough money, or things didn't work the same in those other states, or something.

      But he lost ALL of them. All of that money did NOTHING to change the vote - hell, it might have helped Obama win, because it was so obnoxious and the ads were SOOOOO bad.

      Yes, ad campaigns can drive people to a product. But if they try the product, or examine the product and DON'T think it's worth the money, THEY WON'T BUY IT.

      And that's exactly what happened with Romney. People looked at him, and checked him out, and did a little research, and decided they weren't going to buy it. At all.

      So thank you, Karl Rove. You helped drive people to checking out Romney. Too bad he wasn't what you advertised him to be.

      People just HATE bait and switch tactics...

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