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  •  It was already pretty much out in the open (3+ / 0-)
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    Or so it looked to me. I was shocked, in fact, at how "out there" and unapologetic a lot of the hate and meanness was, in this election. There was never more than a token pretense that the voter ID movement, for example, was about anything but stopping Democrats from voting. People even wrote snide and mocking letters to the newspaper here, declaring as much.

    •  Not just during the Election – (0+ / 0-)

      although that was certainly when it reached fever pitch. But the veil came off of the hate the minute President Obama was declared the winner the night of November 4, 2008. The stunning and disciplined effort to demonize and destroy this man was an awful education for me. I did not know that racism, hatred, ignorance, and fear of the other persisted so very much in this country.

      At least over the past four years they took off the mask, so the electorate got to see who they really were, and their hatred is now out in the daylight so we can see what we're fighting (unlike during the era of the farcical bullsh*t meme "compassionate conservatism.")

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