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    I caught it just about the time Rove was having his alternate Ohio "math" meltdown and bust up laughing.  So I have it all recorded from then on.  I missed part of it because I was flipping channels to see what else was going on, so I have some treats saved up for later tonight, I guess, heh.

    One of the best parts of the evening was when the Fox cast when downstairs to talk to their own analysts that did the projection and to throw Rove's accusations at THEM that Ohio was called too early.  They very patiently and jovially explained to them that no, they were confident of their projection, that they understood Rove's point, but there just weren't enough votes out there to count to change the results.  

    Oh, that musta hurt!

    I missed Bill O'Reilly's tragic soliloquy.  I really regret that.  Maybe it will be on Youtube.

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