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View Diary: Dear Republicans: This is why you lost. Again. (144 comments)

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  •  We should be going after every voter, (4+ / 0-)

    I feel the Republican party's problem is that a certain part of their white electorate feels the need to denigrate all non-whites. That is their major liability. While minorities can sometimes be quite forceful in asserting their claims to equality with whites, generally non of them are seeking to denegrate whites or ensure some sort of legally supported superiority over them (Which is why more than half of our coalition can be white, and only a tiny fragment of the republicans can be minority.)

    From a purely numerical view, the white vote is shrinking, the black vote is remaining the same, and the hispanic and Asian vote are growing. I feel that the Democratic party has the advantage, as long as it tries to the spread its ideas equally to everyone. And the republicans will be at a disadvantage going forward, as long as they explicity or tacitly say "These are the rules for our white folks, and these are the rules for everyone else."

    Liberal and Conservative ideas will always been in fierce competition, but it'll take a while for the Republicans to start competing in the realm of ideas again than principally in the real of tribalism.

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