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View Diary: Dear Republicans: This is why you lost. Again. (144 comments)

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    why is so much of this thread discussing how the Republicans can do better? they've been doing far too good up til now using their divide and conquer strategy of scorched earth winner take all politics. far far too good.

    shouldn't we be discussing how to dig into their demos and get more white voters back? you know, like the ones who have been conned by all the lies, but can still respond to the truth...if we get it to them? the ones who keep voting against their own best interests as we like to say???

    btw, I'm an older white male. lifelong Liberal. there are millions of us. OK?

    no man is completely worthless, he can always be used as a bad example.

    by srfRantz on Wed Nov 07, 2012 at 04:27:22 PM PST

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