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  •  my biggest concern is the possibility (8+ / 0-)

    that Mittch-A-Sketch Romney has, basically, dumbed the entire political process down on a permanent basis.

    He may not have won with his giant con game of a campaign, whereby he lied about where he stood, kept changing those lies and then lied about where the president stood, and kept changing those lies.

    Even Romney's last week of the campaign was, basically, just another giant con game of trying to create the impression of some kind of momentum, regardless of what all the facts and data said...just to try to...apparently...con the entire country into thinking his election was somehow inevitable?

    Thankfully, it didn't work. However, if you don't think the Republican Party isn't taking notes on how to perfect the art of "Etch-A-Sketch," obfuscating, running and entire campaign on, basically nothing, no ideas, no real policies, no details, no specifics, no need to conform to previous election standards of disclosure and transparency...then you may be a little naive.

    Romney did, in fact, con his way into contention. He was not perceived as a real, legitimate threat until he engaged in a Joe Isuzu-like conman pitch in debate number one which he continued right up until the end. And he only lost the national vote by a couple of percentage points.

    My guess is that future Republican candidates for president, especially those with more substance and gravitas than Romney, will studying the art of obfuscation and evasion that Romney was allowed to get away with.

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