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  •  I heard a republican caller on c-span after (19+ / 0-)

    Obama's campaign closing speech in Iowa.
    Well she said she was republican, you never know,. (But she sounded old and white)
    She said she has voted republican all of her life and always voted for the republican presidential candidate.
    Said something like her Christian values matter to her and she had never seen such dishonesty and lying  as she'd seen from romney, her whole extended family was horrified by it. They were all republicans who could not vote for such a blatant liar.
    She'd donated to romney before but recently wrote to the campaign about the 40 republicans whose votes they had lost, wrote a list of the lies that made this necessary.
    They were mostly against Obama's policies  but at least didn't have reason to doubt his values.

    Maybe she made this up but I was so heartened because the media in discussing how the election would or did go hardly ever brought up that romney lied blatantly and no one had reason to trust him.
    Doesn't that matter anymore?

    Any story of someone rejecting the lies/cruelty of their party gives me some hope.

    There is something so wrong with the media (and maybe white people) (I am white)

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