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  •  Did the Supremes get a cut from the Scam...?(snark (0+ / 0-)

    Citizens United was a long con? opening the Money floodgates... and carefully invest indirectly in companies and businesses that would gain from stupendous election expenditures? And just wait for the scam to ripen over a couple of years and... BOOM! rake it in!?......

    OK, OK, just playing the really crazy "what if" game... think of this as a movie proposal...

    .... Just imagine, if it was all an intentional con... with the right foreknowledge the clever trickster's take would amount to a decent but hidden cut of the flood that nobody would notice since it would be spread out all over but added together, say a few percent share of a billion or two spent on elections... all trickling in from many different carefully chosen "blind" investments... would add up to plenty for those earning modest 1%er salaries... instead of their paltry several hundred grand a year they'd score a good few millions in a fairly short time...

    I know, I know, nothing like that actually happened (intentionally anyway)... but still... a really clever grifter would play the long con for a really big big score (not as big as Goldman Sachs in the 2007-08 crash) but plenty big enough for the few in this hypothetical story who could be in the right place to leverage both the cause and the returns... After all big time con artists who prey on the super wealthy see what the people with a lot of money really really want and then help them seem to get it...... desire leads directly to their weaknesses, their soft spots, the gullible blind spots that can be taken advantage of.

    So of course nobody is that clever and sociopathic but it would make a great movie!!... only movie super villains are able to play n dimensional confidence game chess (Bond super villains, you know)... the Amoral evil genius con man in this story would know and understand all the plutocrats and their thinking and could merely be someone in a think tank, quietly making the links, connecting the dots for the rabid right billionaires who think he works for them... leading them on, luring them in... encouraging the most helpful directions and connections.

    And in the end retires to an offshore tax haven as he retrieves all the indirect investments cashes in and lives a life of luxury... but in this film version the good guy (ex FBI guy maybe, incorruptible but with issues of course) who puts it all together, tracks the guy down and asks why?... and the guy might say... just because I could do it? or because I was smarter than the really rich guys and I knew I could sucker them? or they are some sort of anarchist bent on taking down the plutocracy by giving them what they think they want??

    not sure how the movie ends... does the "bad guy" get away with it? Or turn out not to be a bad guy really? does he somehow lose by winning?... need a plot twist... Maybe it was a revenge story and the con guy was justified taking down the marks he helped fool... and the FBI guy understands and sees that in a way justice was done... or something...

    Or, OK, dump all that and go with another version where a couple of the Supremes are blackmailed or... hmmm or maybe they are actually secret agents for a foreign power who think by letting the oligarchy take over completely it will ultimately doom the US? ooh ooh!! no!, Bin Laden set it all up... heh... but his revenge form beyond the grave was foiled since Democracy won etc... and the Billionaire tools also lost... hooray!

    actually that's a crap plot idea too... oh well... I will work on it...

    Pogo & Murphy's Law, every time. Also "Trust but verify" - St. Ronnie (hah...)

    by IreGyre on Thu Nov 08, 2012 at 03:00:03 PM PST

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    •  Speaking of Supreme Court (1+ / 0-)
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      In light of his ruling on Obamacare, I can just imagine John Roberts sitting with his fingers crossed, watching Karl Rove on Fox News and saying under his breath "Come on Karl, you've got to pull this off so Romney can stop Obamacare." And then BOOM! Fox News finally calls Ohio for Obama.

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