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View Diary: How to Repair the Voting System: Sec. Debra Bowen's Answer (302 comments)

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  •  Ohio has 88 counties and not all use the same (8+ / 0-)

    voting machines.

    SoS Brunner did a great job trying to bring unity and transparency to our voting system. Unfortunately, SoS Husted has tried his best to dismantle the system by issuing uncertified software patches to vote counting machines. He issued a directive that stated no international observers would be allowed. It must have made him nervous in 2008 when the group of students arrived from the Netherlands to study our election process known for its flawed system. They came to my precinct and I got to chat with them. They did away with machines in their country for all the right reasons.

    True the Vote (T-Party backed), that was sent to challenge legal voters got caught forging BOE signatures on their observer forms and face a 5th degree felony. This happened in Franklin Country.

    In spite of their shinnanigans, Ohio went for Obama. I can only imagine what the real turnout would have been without the disenfranchisement and dirty tricks from the SoS. Karl Rove's unhappy face is proof that we can still win with their mischief but we have to try harder.

    In Hamilton county we use paper ballots and Inter Civic counting machines. I have observed a few glitches but they seem to work ok. Hand-counting would be better.

    The provisionals are still a problem.

    We need to start early informing people how important it is to check on your registration and update your information. The next time the GOP will bring out bigger guns. I hope they shoot themselves in the foot again but we can't be lax about this.  

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