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    wu ming

    But the diarist says that's where he/she got his/her incorrect information about the current state of voting machines in California.  Frankly, it's outdated (for example, the speech from Secretary of State Bowen, who I adore and wish could be cloned and installed in every state) is from 2008.  It's not that hard to admit, but so far there is no admission, just a lot of "guessing" about the Secretary of State not having the power to mandate counties to use particular machines -- showing a really deep misunderstanding about exactly how much power California vests in the Secretary of State, by the way -- or just "a couple" of counties lagging.

    Verified Voting has done great work over the years and my head-shaking is not about the organization, it's about the overreliance on information that purportedly comes from VV in this diary when it comes to the current state of voting in California.

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      If you're gonna tell people to click through, I think it would be fair to click through yourself, before accusing Verified Voting of "guessing" about anything.

      As for Kossacks' guesses about why DREs weren't banned, and why two counties use them as standard equipment, that's a whole 'nother topic, and fair game.

      And I did miss that barath wrote that the DREs are "for those with bad eyesight." They have lots of accessibility features, and some people prefer them for a variety of reasons.

      Election protection: there's an app for that! -- and a toll-free hotline: 866-OUR-VOTE
      Better Know Your Voting System with the Verifier!

      by HudsonValleyMark on Thu Nov 08, 2012 at 08:31:11 AM PST

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