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  •  We have a number of ballot issues (0+ / 0-)

    In Ohio we vote on all taxes by referendum. That means any money to schools, hospitals, libraries, ports, arts, you name it we vote on it.

    If a zoning change is occurring on a property in your ward you vote on each individual property that is changing. As I said in my comment above in 2010 in a city in Cuyahoga County that resulted in one ward there to have 46 separate issues to vote on alone.

    We vote on alcohol sales in convenience stores. Sunday sales of alcohol by any establishment.

    We have votes on changes to City Charters, County government, and state issues.

    Then there are the judges. In Cuyahoga County we have well over 50 judges of the Common Pleas court and that doesn't even get into judges to the Supreme Court, etc.

    It is not uncommon to have a ballot initiative that is two pages long - these are 19 inch ballots 3 columns wide - on the ballot in any given year.

    Because of this the length of a ballot varies from precinct to precinct let alone from county to county.

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