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  •  No the cycle will continue (7+ / 0-)

    I am elated. It was an amazing and extraordinary evening with great results-- Obama, Warren and Baldwin all wining plus the many other great wins and pick-ups, dreams do come true.

    But, the Koch brothers, the Rovians, Citizen United, Fox news, Limbaugh they are still there, just like in 08. Greed got set back but that only makes it hungrier and meaner.

    They will run the same game plan of obstructionism, disinformation and all the rest to set the stage for a comeback in 2014. All they have to do is fire evangelical base up and dishearten the coalition that won the night for a more progressive Democratic electorate.

    So, let's all take for some well earned elation and a little chest thumping and then start working now to avoid a repeat of 2010.

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