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    Tom Barrett tried to restrict voting rights...? If you mean the recall I'd have to disagree. The fall out from Gov walkers actions and the fact that his INTENT was STATED AND OPENLY ADMITTED To that the indirect consequence several stages out of his actions would be that there was a permanent republican majority in Wisconsin mean that if anyone was trying to kill voting rights it was Scott walker. This was not a recall about "disagreeing" with the man, regardless of how anyone feels. it was about technically corruption on Scott walkers part. Sure he didn't "Break the law" but he sure as hell broke the Spirit of it...   nothing says trying to kill voting rights like acting to kill unions so they can't raise money to support democrats so you can drown their voices out in ads from billionaires If the dnc dscc or dccc send you mailers, send that link back to them and tell them you won't send money to people who defend democrats who betray progressive principals! up yours!

    by daeros on Wed Nov 07, 2012 at 10:30:06 PM PST

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