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  •  The national pendulum has ended its swing right (2+ / 0-)
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    rasfrome, perkinwarbek

    As the old saying goes, things happen in cycles. The Tea Party craziness is the last gasp of a the RW Baby Boomers losing their power and influence. It's not quite over yet, but we've withstood the last big attack of the GOP Southern Strategy. Everyone is starting to feel the pendulum swing back the other direction. And the current GOP's construction is completely incapable of future success.

    We can break their backs, if only we bring Presidential-election energy to the 2014 mid-terms. If we take back the House in 2014, the GOP will hit the 2016 elections in the middle of an inter-party civil war. That bodes well for the Democrats in 2016 and for the SCOTUS for decades to come.

    2014 begins today.

    •  Don't think tea party was baby-boomer. (1+ / 0-)
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       I do believe that these were the pre-baby boomers -- those born before 1946 -- who already have their social security (boomers just are starting to get theirs).  Tea party people were the war babies and before,  not the sons and daughters of the greatest generation.

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