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  •  I think as a Party, Republicans have gone too far (3+ / 0-)
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    mkfarkus, orlbucfan, MadGeorgiaDem

    into their alternate reality, to come back and be a truly viable party -- at least for many years to come.  They are infected by many things:  the Tea Party, their billionaire donors who will no doubt continue to try to buy elections, the single-issue (abortion) voters, those who have been brainwashed into thinking Obama is the anti-Christ, and on and on.  

    I was stunned to see how stunned Karl Rove and others were at the election results.  And now the pundits are saying "we need to court Latino voters".  They still haven't got a clue why their party failed so badly, because they don't want to admit the painful truth:  The world has gone on without them.  Their world view is shared by a minority of voters, and that is only going to continue shrinking.  I don't think they can handle the truth.

    I think if reality-based Republicans want to have a voice again, they'll need to splinter off from the current GOP and form a new party.  But they should leave the rotten wood behind - the Karl Roves, the Adelsons, etc.  Let the remaining GOP continue to self-destruct, give it a couple decades or so, and then perhaps there could be a truly viable, new second party.

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