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View Diary: Nate Silver as a Result of Conservatives Working the Refs (11 comments)

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    I'm not saying it's the gold standard for all medias (new, old, social, etc), I'm saying that, when you're in a situation where you don't have access to alternative medias -- Ex. you are someone who can't afford cable or broadband, you're at your crazy conservative in-laws with no access to the net and minimal cell coverage, or your trapped in your care -- that NPR really is the best out there.  

    To double down a little bit -- the problem with new medias is the extreme fragmentation of the audience.  DKos readers and Redstate readers are two distince, non-overlapping audiences.  NPR, the broadcast networks, and, sadly, CNN, see themselves as speaking to a wider, more diverse audience.  

    In this context, out of these options, NPR is the gold-standard.  My larger point, I think, is that all of these outlets, with their reliance on narrative, have been captured to varying degrees by the GOP's war on narrative.

    I a larger sense, I agree with you.  I listen to NPR in my car because I can't stream.  At home, I tend to get my news via the net (blogs, twitter, streaming BBC).

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