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View Diary: 6 Conservative Principles That Are Completely Reasonable (14 comments)

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    #1: Agree with commenter above - debt for such a large, economically viable country like ours is not so important. Deficit spending in a recession is hugely important to recovery. Reducing debt is something I'd like to see, but long-term reasonable debt is not a problem.

    #2: Merit is good. I think for the younger generation we will have to modify our definition of who deserves preference from racial classes to economic classes. If you grew up in a wealthy household, you will have access to opportunities others can only dream about, no matter your color. If you grow up in an economically disadvantaged household, you will have to work harder to reach the same field or risk slipping back into poverty. If more black and brown households are economically disadvantaged, then this kind of policy should help them more.

    #3: Agree

    #4: Strong military, but smaller, leaner.

    #5: Support Israel, but like a friend at an intervention. We support you, but you are doing lasting damage to yourself with your behavior.

    #6: Protect the family! Totally agree. This means guaranteed paternity and maternity leave. Especially for hourly workers. Guaranteeing wages that a family can raise kids on. And I own a small business with three $10/hr employees. I would love to pay more, but unless my competitors have to pay more, I can't afford to do so.

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