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  •  Chevron is vying for "worst" (over Exxon) (1+ / 0-)
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    Not only does Chevron abuse the planet and labor worldwide, they are also doubly cynical in their abuse of "CSR" and other PR.

    In the perfect symbol of their disgraceful brand, one of their married execs is literally in bed (often) with a young, alcoholic and unethical staffer at a "CSR" NGO in DC -- a staffer he has now made into the head of the NGO. Chevron gives the NGO enough money that he swung the board to promote his adulterous mistress. Meanwhile, the NGO cranks out PR about the work Chevron is doing to blablabla -- PR that even the 'liberal media' (?) picks up and prints as if it were fact.

    The struggle to make the world a better place -- and even to prevent it from sliding backwards -- is one we will carry to our graves. Let's hope that's a long time away! :-)

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      Sharon Wraight

      I avoid both. Last time we drove around California (we rented a car and drove basically from LA to Berkeley and back) we used Conserv Fuel primarily, Propel secondly, then Valero if couldn't find those. That took care of us.

      FREEDOM ISN'T FREE: That's why we pay taxes. I Had A Thought

      by mole333 on Thu Nov 08, 2012 at 07:36:24 AM PST

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